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Change of email address

Please note to contact the Parish, please use the following new email



Community Support During the Coronavirus Emergency

If you are a vulnerable or elderly person who is struggling and need help during the current emergency, please be aware there is support for you -

ERYC contact Centre:  is there for anyone needing help, especially if you are self isolating - the telephone number is 01482 393919 and the centre is open from 0900 - 2100 Monday to Friday and then 0900 - 1800 on Saturday and Sunday.  There is also an email address for those wishing to contact the Council electronically - covid@eastriding.gov.uk .

Beverley Covid-19 Support Group and Woodmansey Sub-Group:  is a community facing group which was set up by Cllr Jackie Heffer and Annie Kirkman.  The Group / Sub-group are working alongside ERYC in the community.  Parish Cllr Emma Constable is heading up  the Woodmansey Sub-Group.
Contact details are  07909685505 or 
And the Facebook Groups are  



Coronavirus and Parish Meetings (Updated September 2020)

In light of continued guidance and advice from regional Local Government bodies (including ERYC) with regard to Coronavirus, for the foreseeable future Parish Meetings will be held remotely (on-line) and managed by Zoom in order to protect Cllrs and the public. This will be discussed and reviewed by Cllrs at each Parish Meeting.
Meetings are still held the third Monday in each month and commence at 7pm. These meetings are still open to the public and anyone wishing to join a meeting should contact the Clerk for directions on how to do this prior to the meeting (at the point the notice is posted).
You will need access to a PC / Laptop or similar desktop device. A smartphone can be used, but connectivity may not be as good. If you have any questions please contact the Clerk on woodmanseyparishclerk@yahoo.com or 07749 387757


Woodmansey Parks (Updated July 2020)

The two parks managed by the Parish Council (King Street and Southwood) are now open for both exercise and recreation in accordance with updated Government guidelines.  As of the 4th July, Playgrounds have also opened - however this is strictly subject to the observation of the following measures taken from the risk assessment carried out by Woodmansey PC to deal with the risk of Covid-19

In accordance with Government guidance this playground is now open. Woodmansey Parish Council has created a risk assessment to minimise risk of the transmission of Covid-19. However, it is impossible to entirely remove all risk and therefore anyone using the playground does so at their own risk and take personal responsibility for their (and their children) well-being by observing the following measures. Woodmansey Parish Council will monitor the situation and if Cllrs feel the following risk assessment measures are not being observed, it will not hesitate to close the playground again.

• if you or any member of your household has coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating, then you must not visit our playgrounds

• no more than 10 people should be in the playground at any time and try and limit your visit to one hour to allow others to use the playground.

• only one parent / guardian should enter the playground to supervise their child or children and only children from the same household or bubble should use a piece of play equipment at the same time

 you and your children should stay at least 2 metres apart from others unless they are from the same household or bubble - or 1 metre if you are wearing face coverings

• sanitise your children’s hands before and after they use the equipment - scientific advice suggests that the virus can survive for up to several days on some hard surfaces. It is recommended you sanitise hands after using each piece of equipment in the playground

• there should be no eating or drinking while in the playground and encourage children to avoid putting their mouths on equipment, their hands in their mouths, or to touch their face

• leave the playground clean and tidy for others, take your litter home with you or put it any bins provided

                                                                                  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Parish Clerk on clerk.woodmansey.pc@gmail.com


Community Speed Watch


The Parish Council is considering taking part in the Humberside Police Community Speed Watch programme, which involves training members of the public in speed monitoring of vehicles in known speed 'hotspots'.  The success of the programme initially depends on identifying sufficient volunteers who are interested in being involved.  

If you are interested in receiving more information and possibly volunteering for the programme, please contact the Parish Clerk via the website.

Dog Fouling

The Parish Council i s very concerned about the number of reports of dog fouling in certain areas of Woodmansey

It is working with ERYC to deal with the matter Notice of How to Report Dog Fouling


Most recent MinutesSummary Notes of August 2020 Meeting for Camblesforth


Meeting Dates

The Parish Council meets on the 3rd Monday of each month - a list of dates, times and location can be found below

List of meeting dates and times for 2020

Important Note:  As of July 2020 and until further notice, Parish Meeting will be held remotely on line using Zoom.  These meetings are still open to the public and if you wish to join the meeting please contact the Parish Clerk for details on how to do this


Finances (Latest Monthly Financial Report) 

The latest financial report for Woodmansey Parish Council can be found  Woodmansey PC Financial Report for June 2020


Woodmansey Village Hall is owned by East Riding Council and run by the Village Hall Committee.

Village Hall Bookings:  Please contact the booking clerk, Christine Baldwin, on 01482 888611

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on:

Monday 21st September commencing at 7pm.  This meeting will be held on line using Zoom.  If you wish to join the meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk on Woodmanseyparishclerk@yahoo.com

The agenda for the meeting can be found here Agenda and Notice for the September 2020 Meeting



Welcome to the Parish Council Website


The role of Woodmansey Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole community and is a part of local government supporting the democratic process. The Parish Council provide a focus for the community to identify concerns and projects, and endeavour to solve them locally themselves - ultimately the Parish Council is accountable to the local community. Our decisions are the responsibility of the whole Council and are made collectively and by majority vote of Cllrs.

Parish Councils are an elected body in the first tier of local government in England and Wales with elections taking place every 4 years.  They can play a vital part in representing the interests of the communities they serve and improving the quality of life and the local environment. The Parish Council is  also an employer and must legally employee a Parish Clerk who, unlike the Cllrs is a paid official, and is responsible for general administration of  Parish Council matters, taking minutes, maintaining finances and  carrying out the instructions of Cllr decisions.


The main role of a Parish Councillor is to represent the views of all residents within the Parish and to listen to, and understand, the views and needs of different groups in the community (such as young and older people). As a Councillor, there is a responsibility to be well-informed, especially about diverse local views. Councillors cannot assume that they represent the interests of electors without consulting them. Parish Councillors are elected representatives, not volunteers or employees, and serve for a 4 year term, unless co-opted or elected in a bye-election when they serve until the next election.

They must apply the law and comply with the Code of Member Conduct. Councillors contribute to the work of the Council by suggesting ideas, influencing policy, engaging in constructive debate and by responding to the needs and views of the community. Councillors comment on proposals to ensure the best outcome and vote to enable the Council to make decisions. Individual Parish Councillors cannot make decisions on behalf of the Council, but they can actively lead and engage with local projects. Parish Councillors have no powers outside of the Council meeting.  The Parish Council needs a wide range of skills to work as a team. Occasionally there will be a conflict of interest requiring sensitive judgement, and the need to take difficult decisions in an open, honest and reasoned way. Councillors are also required to act in an ethical way and to declare an interest when necessary. 

Parish councils are responsible for managing their own budgets. They are financed through the precept, an amount of money calculated as an estimate for the coming financial year and collected as part of your Council Tax. This money is used to improve facilities and services for local people.  Every year the PC considers what its needs are for the forthcoming year and set a budget for this  - the budget will consider two points - if the Parish Council wishes to look at any projects, and the usual costs of the Parish - ie street lighting, maintenance of parks, playgrounds, bus shelters etc.  Discussions on the budget by Parish Cllrs, and the budget itself must all be in the public domain.