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1 Coronavirus and Parish Meetings

In line with Government instructions regarding combating the coronavirus pandemic, further meetings of the Parish Council are temporarily postponed.  Essential Parish Council business will carry on in accordance with emergency procedures approved by the Parish Chair, Kerri Harold and Deputy Chair Amanda Beale.  These can be found here Emergency Procedures during the Coronavirus

Residents can still contact the Parish Council in the normal way, by telephone, email or via 'Contact us' on this website.

Woodmansey Parish Council hopes all residents are observing the current measures to fight Coronavirus and wishes everyone the very best during these difficult times

                                                                                                                               STAY SAFE - STAY AT HOME


2  Woodmansey Parks 

The two parks managed by the Parish Council (King Street and Southwood) are now closed due to the Coronavirus Emergency, in line with Government instructions for avoiding people gathering and spreading the virus.  If residents see gatherings of people in the parks they should report this to the police NOT THE PARISH COUNCIL.  Parents are encouraged to ensure they know where their children are and that they are following instructions to STAY AT HOME.  

The Parish Council looks to everyone's support of these measures, taken to help combat the spread of coronavirus and hopefully bring about the day sooner, when things can return to normal

                                                                                           STAY SAFE - STAY AT HOME


Community Speed Watch

The Parish Council is considering taking part in the Humberside Police Community Speed Watch programme, which involves training members of the public in speed monitoring of vehicles in known speed 'hotspots'.  The success of the programme initially depends on identifying sufficient volunteers who are interested in being involved.  

If you are interested in receiving more information and possibly volunteering for the programme, please contact the Parish Clerk via the website.

Dog Fouling

The Parish Council i s very concerned about the number of reports of dog fouling in certain areas of Woodmansey

It is working with ERYC to deal with the matter Notice of How to Report Dog Fouling


Most recent MinutesSummary Notes of February 2020 Parish Meeting


Meeting Dates

The Parish Council meets on the 3rd Monday of each month - a list of dates, times and location can be found below

List of meeting dates and times for 2020


Finances (Latest Monthly Financial Report) 

Monthly financial reporting has been delayed over the past few months due to difficulties with the transfer of administration to the new Clerk.

These are now sorted and the monthly financial report presented to the Cllrs will be detailed here Financial Report for the Month of February 2020 (Presented at the March 2020 Meeting)


Woodmansey Village Hall is owned by East Riding Council and run by the Village Hall Committee.

Village Hall Bookings:  Please contact the booking clerk, Christine Baldwin, on 01482 888611

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on:

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, and current Government advice regarding public gatherings, with effect from March 2020, the monthly (Ordinary) Parish Meetings are temporarily suspended until further notice.  A decision on the Annual General Meeting which is due in May will be advised as soon as the Parish Council receive instruction from the Government



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