16th April 2018

5. Planning applications:

     (a)  Applications Received: To consider for planning applications upon which the Parish Council has been consulted.:

(i)  Beverley Grammar School Queensgate Beverley - Installation of an external fire escape with associated staircase to first floor of X Block (Ref 18/00532/PLF)

(ii) 4A Butt Lane Beverley - Change of use from ancillary accommodation for existing dwelling to separate dwelling (18/00735/PLF)

(iii) Land West Of Dene Park Sports Club Beverley Road Dunswel- Erection of 5 dwellings with scale, appearance and landscaping to be considered (14/02140/VAR - Outline - 12/03780/OUT) (18/00762/REM)

(iv) Dunswell Park Beverley Road Dunswell - Change of use of existing sports hall to mixed use including sports facilities, nursery and take away (Ref 18/00364/PLF)

(v) 22 Sackville Close Beverley - Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to rear (18/00846/PLF)

(vi) 56 Canterbury Close Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to rear, construction of porch to front; conversion of existing garage into additional living accommodation and installation of roof lights to front roof slope (Ref 18/00710/PLF)


     (b)   Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Manor Farm 36 Thearne Lane Woodmansey - Change of use of land for the siting of 10 touring caravan pitches in addition to the 5 permitted by the existing Camping and Caravanning Club Licence to allow for the continued use of land for the siting of 15 touring caravans in total for holiday use (Ref 16/02741/PLF) - approved 

(ii) Halfords Unit 3 Wingfield Way Beverley - Display of 4 non-illuminated fascia signs and 2 internally illuminated fascia signs (Ref 17/04117/PAD) - approved 

(iii) Land East Of Keldmarsh Primary School Woodmansey - Erection of 55 dwellings following outline permission 15/02089/STVAR (Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale to be considered) (Ref 17/02225/STREM) - approved 

(iv) Let Loose! Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of free standing v-board sign and single free standing sign at front entrance (Ref 18/00064/PAD) - approved

(v) Land South And West Of The Farm Dunswell  - Continued use of land for the keeping of horses, erection of stables, hay barn, polytunnels and retention of storage container and portacabin and creation of associated car parking and hardstanding area (Ref 17/03237/PLF ) -  approved


      (c)    Applications that have been Withdrawn :- To report the notifications from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Land North Of Old Williams Way Lakeminster Park Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of extension to existing agricultural building, erection of close boarded and post and rail fencing and access road (Ref 17/04062/PLF)




6. Planning Appeals:

     (a)  Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Former Dales Garden Centre, Long Lane, Woodmansey - Outline - Erection of 23 houses (Access to be considered with all other detailed matters reserved) (17/00098/REFUSE) - refused


9. Procurement Conference - to decide whether the clerk and /or any of the councillors should attend this are conference (event guide and brochure)


10. Town and Parish Council Communication Review Panel survey - To consider submitting a response to this survey


15. Humberside Police - to receive reports for Beverley Town and Rural for March 2018


16. Code of Conduct survey - to consider submitting a response to the government survey


17. Asset Register

      (a) to approve the revised Asset Register

      (b) to approve treating items not found as disposed 


19. Laptop power supply - to consider options for fixing the Council’s laptop (report)


20. Commuted sums
      (a) To update on progress with Tender & Commuted Sums Application (Tender notice)
      (b) To review and approve the Tender Assessment & Scoring Sheet
      (c) To review and approve the Tender Project timeline and confirm responsibilities for the various tasks including preparing contract and opening tenders (timeline)
      (d) To consider appointing RoSpa to perform post installation inspections (oral report)
      (e) To consider submitting planning check form (cost £60 per plan) (oral report)


21. Accounts and financial statement (report)
     (a) To verify bank reconciliation

     (b) To approve schedule of payments

     (c) To consider transferring monies from the cheque account to the savings account

     (d) To approve the end of year accounts and submitting them to the Internal Auditor (end of year accounts 2.5 Mb pdf)


23. Miscellaneous correspondence - To acknowledge receipt of listed miscellaneous correspondence and determine any actions (correspondence list)