16th January 2017

The number to the left of the item indicates the agenda number


4. Woodmansey Neighbourhood Development Plan - Update on progress (oral report); consider letter from WYG (1.26 Mb pdf)


5.  Planning Applications: 

     (a)  To consider applications for planning permission upon which the Parish Council has been consulted:

(i) 3 Oxford Close Beverley - Erection of two storey extension to side following demolition of existing detached garage (Ref 16/04061/PLF)

(ii) 8 Minster Avenue Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to rear (Ref 16/04101/PLF)

(iii) Cottingham And Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme Eppleworth Road Cottingham - Cottingham and Orchard Park Flood Alleviation Scheme (COPFAS): 1) (Ref 16/04193/STPLF)

(iv) 99 and 101 Victoria Road Beverley - Removal of Condition 3 (agricultural occupancy) of planning permission J.1917(B) - Erection of 2 dwellings for use as agricultural workers dwellings (Ref 16/04125/VAR)

(v) 189A Hull Road Woodmansey - To retain display of 1 externally illuminated sign on side of fence and 1 externally illuminated v shaped sign (Ref 16/00391/PAD)

(vi) Land At Hull Road Junction Beverley Parklands Beverley - Alterations to roof of Care Home to incorporate dormer windows (Ref 16/04202/STPLF)


    (b)    Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Thorndyke Farm Hull Road Woodmansey - Variation of Conditions 4 (bat box) and 5 (approved plans) of planning permission 16/01167/PLF (Ref 16/03524/VAR) - approved 

(ii) 36 Wingfield Way Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to side and rear following demolition of existing conservatory (Ref 16/03626/PLF) - approved subject to conditions

(iii)3 St Johns Close Beverley - Erection of attached garage to side and 2m high boundary fence (Ref 16/03482/PLF) - approved subject to conditions

(iv) 19 Chester Avenue Beverley - Erection of porch to front (Ref 16/03612/PLF) - approved subject to conditions

(v) Land North West of 130 Hull Road Woodmansey (2.4 Mb pdf) - installation of 12.5m column with 3 antennas, 1 transmission dish and 3 equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works (Ref 16/03633/TELECOM) - approved subject to conditions

(vi) Brookfield 3 Coachman Close Beverley - Erection of single storey extensions to front and rear following demolition of existing rear conservatory … (Ref 16/03428/PLF) - approved subject to conditions

(vii) 16 Browns Way Beverley - Erection of two storey extension to side and single storey to rear (Ref 16/03663/PLF) - approved subject to conditions


   (c)   Planning appeals

(i) Land south west of 5 Cavendish Drive Beverley (1Mb pdf)- Erection of a dwelling following demolition of existing garage (Ref DC/16/01647/PLF)


   (d)   Withdrawn appeals

(i) Ivanhoe 66 Hull Road Woodmansey - Change of use of land to a residential caravan site following demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings (Ref 16/02359/PLF)


13. Village Taskforce Satisfaction Survey - to consider response to the survey for ERYC (survey form)


14. Dunswell Youth Club - to consider any action relating to financial reports received - outgoings (4.3 Mb pdf), incomings (3.5 Mb pdf)


15. Damage To Phone Line - council to consider lowering the height of the hedge to reduce chance of future damage (email)


17. Village Hall Broadband Proposal - to approve the proposal to install a broadband connection to the Village Hall and pay for monthly charges (proposal)


18. Accounts and Financial Statement


21. Personnel committee - to review documents supplied by ERNLLCA and to consider setting up a personnel committee

  1. Appraisal form
  2. Clerk's salary assessment form
  3. Letter for chairman re pensions
  4. Personnel committee terms of reference
  5. Pre-araisal personal review


22. Website Management Policy - to approve amendments relating to Clerk publishing of community-related items (draft policy)