18th June 2018

2. Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 14th May and 21st May 2018 


5. Planning applications:

     (a)  Applications Received: To consider for planning applications upon which the Parish Council has been consulted.:

(i) 4U Fresh Produce Limited Unit 6 Plaxton Bridge Road Woodmansey - Continued use of land and buildings for the collection, processing and distribution of potatoes operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Ref 18/01319/PLF)

(ii) Morrisons Wingfield Way Beverley - TPO VICTORIA BARRACKS, VICTORIA ROAD, WOODMANSEY - 1988 (REF:438) G1: Lime (T001) - Remove epicormic stem growth to a height of 4.5m above ground level (agl). Raise canopy to 4m agl by tipping back pendulous lower branches. Remove deadwood. Willow (T003) - Fell. (For reference only as tree not subject of TPO). Horse Chestnut (T004) - Remove epicormic stem growth to a height of 4m agl. Raise canopy to 4m agl by removal of secondary and tertiary branches. Lime (T006) - Crown lift to 4m agl. Horse Chestnut (T007) - Remove epicormic stem growth to a height of 4m agl. Raise canopy to 4m agl on northern, eastern and southern aspects by the removal of secondary and tertiary branches. Raise canopy to 5.5m above ground level on western aspect over site access. Lime (T008) - Crown lift to 5m agl. Works are primarily required to ensure low hanging, pendulous branches are not damage by vehicles. The are also required to increase light levels into the site's curtilage. Given consent is only sought to raise their canopies and not reduce them, the proposed works will not result in either their amenity value or longevity being adversely affected. (Ref 18/01635/TPO)

(iii) Land East Of Keldmarsh Primary School Woodmansey Mile Beverley - Variation of Condition 25 (working hours for deliveries and construction works on site) to allow deliveries and construction works on site to begin at 07:00 to 18:00 hours Mondays to Fridays and 07:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays and not at any time on Sundays or Bank Holidays rather than 08:00 hours of planning permission 15/02089/STVAR and Outline permission 13/02723/STOUT (Ref 18/01530/STVAR)

(iv)Keldgate Park News Unit 2 Keldgate Shopping Centre Lincoln Way - Change of use from A1 (Retail) to A4 (Drinking establishment) (Ref 18/01352/PLF)

(v)73 Chester Avenue, Beverley -  Erection of a single storey extension to front and conversion of existing garage to form additional living accommodation (Ref 18/01349/PLF)

     (b)   Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) 12 Minster Avenue Beverley - Installation of rooflights following loft conversion (Ref 18/01003/PLF) - approved 

(ii) Lakeminster Park Hull Road Woodmansey - Change of use of land for the siting of 127 caravans for holiday use with associated access roads and landscaping (REVISED FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT) (Ref 17/02647/STPLF) - approved 

(iii) 3 Watson Drive Beverley - Erection of single story summer room to rear (Ref 18/01109/PLF ) - approved

(iv) 22 Sackville Close Beverley - Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to rear (Ref 18/00846/PLF) - approved 



6. Anaerobic Digestion Plant Planning Application -  To consider response from Alan Menzies (letter)

7. The Brow, Figham Road, Planning Application - To consider the objection raised by a local resident (letter)


10. Play Areas
      (a) to report on progress with tree felling (oral report)

      (b) Deer Park Way - update from East Riding Council ( oral report)

      (c) To acknowledge receipt of monthly inspection reports for May (King St; Southwood Park)
      (d) To acknowledge receipt of quarterly inspection reports for May (King St & Southwood Park)
10. Village Signs - to report on progress and consider example laser-cut signs 
11. Humberside Police - to receive reports for Beverley Town and Rural for May 2018

12. Accounts and financial statement (report)

     (a) To verify bank reconciliation

     (b) To approve schedule of payments


13. Request for support  - to consider letter from local resident (letter)


15. Miscellaneous correspondence - To acknowledge receipt of listed miscellaneous correspondence and determine any actions (correspondence list)