18th September 2017

1. Declarations of interest (Any Member or Officer with a personal interest in any item on the Agenda  may declare that interest under this item or immediately prior to the commencement of the item to which the interest relates. If the interest is pecuniary the Member shall leave the room for the discussion and voting on that item).

To clarify Councillors’ responsibilities relating to declarations of interest and consider Code of Conduct training offered by East Riding Council (Overview document; ERNLLCA Advisory note; Code of Conduct training; Local Government Lawyer article)


5. Planning applications:


(a)    Applications Received: To consider applications for planning permission upon which the Parish Council has been consulted.:

(i)  Land East Of England Springs Long Lane Woodmansey - Erection of 4 detached dwellings with garages following outline permission 13/03454/OUT (all matters to be considered)  (Ref 17/02278/REM)

(ii) Carisbrooke Long Lane Woodmansey - change of use of land from agriculture to residential curtilage and erection of boundary fencing (Ref 17/01977/PLF)

(iii) Land South Of Symota House 17 Dene Close Dunswell - Outline - Erection of a dwelling and detached garage (Access, Layout and Scale to be considered) (ref 17/02685/OUT)

(iv) Fieldview Cottage Long Lane Woodmansey - Erection of single storey extension to side and erection of porch to front (Ref 17/02704/PLF)

(v) Land East Of Hall Ings Railway Bridge Beverley South Western Bypass Cottingham - Construction of a Gas fuelled capacity mechanism embedded generation plant to support the National Grid (Ref 17/01999/STPLF)

(vi) Land West Of Lincoln Way Beverley - Variation of Condition 16 (working hours/delivery times) of planning permission 15/03764/STPLF to allow a change to working hours and delivery times - Erection of 100 dwellings with access to Lincoln Way, associated infrastructure and open space (Ref 17/02819/STVAR)


(b)    Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) 73 Chester Avenue Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to rear and conversion of garage (Ref 17/01773/PLF) - approved 

(ii) Land South Of Willow Lane Camp Site Willow Lane Beverley - Outline - Residential Development (up to 166 dwellings) with access, parking, public open space, landscaping and associated development infrastructure (all matters reserved) (Ref 14/03062/STOUT) - approved 

(iii) Land South Of Unit 1 Wingfield Way Beverley - Erection of a retail unit with alterations to existing car park and associated works (Ref 17/01026/STPLF) - approved 

(iv) Dunswell Grange Beverley Road Dunswell - Conversion of existing garage to form annexe including erection of single storey extensions to front and rear and link extension (Ref 17/00647/PLF) - approved 

(v) Thorndyke Farm Hull Road Woodmansey - Removal of Condition 1 (agricultural occupancy) of planning permission 317-137H (Erection of a dwelling) (Ref 17/01813/VAR) - approved 

(vi) First Cottage Dunswell Lane Dunswell - Erection of single and two storey extension to rear following demolition of existing extension (Ref 17/01726/PLF) - approved 

(vii) Land South Of Petunia Nurseries Plaxton Bridge Road Woodmansey - Variation of Condition 3 (feedstock for AD Plant) of planning permission 15/03894/STPLF to allow consistent running of AD Plant by using other feedstock in addition to potato and glycerol - Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to comprise two digester tanks, combined heat and power (CHP) containers, technical and pasteurisation buildings, substation and pumping station, transformer, glycerine tanks, centrifuge and drier (Resubmission of 15/02417/STPLF) (Ref 17/01415/STVAR) - refused 

(viii) Ivanhoe 66 Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of 44 dwellings and associated infrastructure following demolition of existing dwelling (all matters to be considered) following outline permission 14/03002/STOUT (Ref 17/00517/STREM) - approved 

(ix) Morrisons Wingfield Way Beverley - Erection of van loading canopy (Ref 17/02201/PLF) - approved

(x) Carisbrooke Long Lane Woodmansey - Removal of Condition 4 (agricultural occupancy) of Appeal Decision APP/E2001/A/06/2024523 - (06/00255/OUT) - Outline - Erection of a dwelling - means of access to be considered (Amended scheme of 05/04701/OUT) and removal of Condition 3 (permitted development rights) of planning permission 07/06762/REM - Erection of a dwelling (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be considered) (ref 17/01978/VAR) - approved

(xi) 460 Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of single and two storey extensions to side and rear, construction of porch roof to front, installation of new window and dual pitched roof over ground floor window to front, erection of detached double garage/workshop and new vehicular access (Ref 17/02082/PLF) - approved

(xii) Regiment Roundabout Beverley - Display of 3 non-illuminated, free-standing, pole-mounted signs (Ref 17/02039/PAD) - approved 

(xiii) The Brow Figham Road Beverley - Erection of detached dwelling (Ref 17/02237/PLF) - approved 

(xiv) 257 Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of single storey extension to rear (Ref 17/02111/PLF) - approved 

(xv) Land South East Of 2 Ferry Lane Woodmansey - Retention of a building, hardstanding and services (in connection with agriculture) )Ref 17/02153/PLF) - refused 


(c)   Tree third-party decisions: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i)    37 Inglefield Close Beverley - TPO VICTORIA BARRACKS, VISTORIA ROAD, WOODMANSY 1998 (REF:438) G6 / A2: Tree: (species unknown) fell due to material dropping from tree onto property (Ref DC/17/01786/TPO) - approved 


6. Shop on Shopeth Way - to consider correspondence from A. Harper concerning discussing potential problems with the new shop and takeaway on Shopeth Way (correspondence)


7. Bus Shelters -  To determine any further action concerning change of bus shelter opposite Ivanhoe development (East Riding council email)


9. Play areas
    (a) To update on repairs highlighted in recent inspections (oral report)
    (b) To update progress on nettle maintenance (oral report)
    (c) To consider the quarterly inspection report from Wicksteed and determine any actions required (report)


11. Request for skate park - to consider a request from C. Edmond for a skate park in Deer Park


13. Emergency Plan - to review and approve the updated Emergency Plan


15. Ivanhoe development street naming - to consider correspondence from Barratt Homes concerning input to street names for the new development at the Ivanhoe site (correspondence)


15. Hedge cutting at King St.
   (a) To consider organising annual hedge cutting
   (b) To determine height of hedge cutting following correspondence with residents I. & N. Shores


17. Woodmansey Primary School - to consider request for contribution towards Woodmansey Primary School Practical Cycle training (letter from Woodmansey School)


18. Humberside Police newsletters - to acknowledge the July reports (Rural and Town)


19. Playing Pitch Strategy - to consider correspondence from ERYC on Parish Council involvement in ERYC activities concerning sports pitches (correspondence)


21. Accounts and Financial Statement (report)
     (a) To verify bank reconciliation

     (b) To approve schedule of payments

     (c) To approve register of bank account details for online payments (register details - confidential)


22. Budget Monitoring - to acknowledge the Budget Monitoring Report for the period to the end of September 2017 (covering report)


23. Annual report - To acknowledge receipt of the final Annual Report, including external audit report (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Notice of completion of audit)


24. Commuted Sums - To acknowledge report on available Commuted Sums from ERYC and the process on bidding for suitable projects (report)


26. Miscellaneous correspondence - To acknowledge receipt of listed miscellaneous correspondence and determine any actions (correspondence list)