19th March 2018

6. Planning applications:


(a)    Applications Received: To consider applications for planning permission upon which the Parish Council has been consulted.:

(i) Clairdene 179 Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of porch, replacement bay windows and installation of 2 rooflights to front, erection of single storey extension to rear following removal of existing conservatory and construction of dormer window with balcony to rear (revised scheme of 17/02362/PLF) (Ref 18/00425/PLF)

(ii) County Farm Long Lane Woodmansey - Erection of entrance gates/boundary fence to private access road, free standing pegola to reception entrance, covered freestanding ceremony area and connecting arbor between carpark and reception entranceway (Ref 18/00479/PLF)

(iii) 88A Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of single storey dwelling with loft rooms following demolition of existing garage and workshop (Ref 18/00422/PLF)

(iv) Swift Group Limited Dunswell Road Cottingham - Erection of modular building for use as canteen/office space, relocation of existing gatehouse, smoking shelter and diesel storage tank, alterations to existing access, gates and boundary wall and erection of fence with landscaping to seal existing access (Ref 18/00367/PLF)

(v) Manor Farm 36 Thearne Lane Woodmansey - Change of use of existing storage building from agricultural use to storage in connection with agriculture and tourism, Retention of existing open sided storage shed for use in connection with agriculture and tourism and Retention of existing shower/wc block in connection with touring caravan site (Ref 18/00176/PLF)

(vi) 20 Thyme Way Beverley - Erection of single storey extensions to front and rear and conversion of existing garage to additional living accommodation (Ref 18/00688/PLF)


(b)    Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Rose Croft 95 Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of a detached garage, two storey extension to front and side, single storey extension to rear following demolition of existing single storey at rear, alterations to existing dwelling and installation of additional openings (AMENDED DESCRIPTION AND PLANS) (Ref 17/03988/PLF) - approved 

(ii) 10 Queensway Woodmansey - Erection of two storey extension to side, single storey extension with canopy to front and side and erection of detached garage to rear (Ref 18/00129/PLF) - approved 

(iii) 91 Inglefield Close Beverley - Increase in roof height to existing roof and construction of dormer window to rear (Ref 18/00114/PLF) - approved 


7. Bus shelters
      (a) To report on progress with damaged bus shelters by Wharton Arms & Woodmansey Primary school (oral report)

      (b) To approve Beverley Round Table undertaking bus shelter repairs as per quote (quote)


9.  Play areas

      (a) to receive monthly reports for December and consider any actions (King St and Southwood Park)

      (b) to receive routine monthly inspection reports for February and consider any actions (King St and Southwood Park)

      (c) to report on progress with ongoing repairs (oral report)

      (d) Deer Park Way - update from East Riding Council (email)


11. Traffic speed signs -  To consider  issues raised by local resident (report 1Mb pdf)


13. Anaerobic digestion plant Planning Application 15/03894/STPLF

      (a) to decide on any further action in light of response from Matthew Sunman (email)

      (b) To advise Matthew Sunman who will attend liaison meeting on 21st March 2018 at 10:00 (email)


14. Rubbish from housing developments - confirm requirement to notify planning enforcement in light of positive responses from Barretts (emails)


15. Defibrillators - To consider buying replacement electrode packs for each defibrillator (quote)


16. Humberside Police - to receive reports for Beverley Town and Rural for January 2018


18. Risk register - To approve the Risk Assessment report


19. Commuted sums
      (a) To update on progress with possible projects to be funded by Commuted Sums 

      (b) To approve advertising for contractors to quote for the projects for play areas

      (c) To consider submitting a project for pedestrian access to the Village Hall (report)


20. Budget monitoring - To receive the end of year budget monitoring report


21. Accounts and financial statement (report)
     (a) To verify bank reconciliation

     (b) To approve schedule of payments

     (c) To approve cancelling cheque 102023 issued to Beverley Round Table on 15/1/18 for £125.04, as the cheque has been lost; also to approve re-issue of a new cheque for the same amount


24. Miscellaneous correspondence - To acknowledge receipt of listed miscellaneous correspondence and determine any actions (correspondence list)