21st May 2018

7. Dates of Meetings 2018-19 - to agree the dates and times for meetings of the Parish Council until the Annual Meeting of the Council in 2019 (List of dates)


8. Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th April 2018 (minutes)


10. Standing orders - to approve updated Standing Orders, to be implemented from the next meeting (report and revised Standing Orders)


11. Financial regulations - to approve the revised Financial Regulations 


15. Planning applications:

     (a)  Applications Received: To consider for planning applications upon which the Parish Council has been consulted.:

(i) 12 Minster Avenue Beverley - Installation of rooflights following loft conversion (Ref 18/01003/PLF)

(ii) 3 Watson Drive Beverley - Erection of single story summer room to rear (Ref 18/01109/PLF)

(iii) Land North Of Oaklands Park Lane Cottingham - Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) to allow technical design modifications to planning permission 17/01372/STPLF - Construction of a 49.99MW Battery Storage Facility and associated infrastructure and landscaping (Ref 18/01206/STVAR)

(iv) 8 Shepherds Lea Beverley - Alterations and extensions including erection of first floor extension to side incorporating construction of first floor balcony to rear, erection of single story extension to side with roof lights, installation of first floor window to rear, replacement and repositioning of first floor window to front, alterations to single story extensions roof to rear to increase pitch (Ref 18/01249/PLF)

(v) County Farm Long Lane Woodmansey - Display one 1500mm wide x 1000mm high aluminium composite signboard supported off metal posts (Ref 18/01308/PAD)

(vi) Land North East Of The Brow Figham Road Beverley - Erection of a dwelling (revised scheme of 17/02237/PLF) (Ref 18/01404/PLF)


     (b)   Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

(i) Clairdene 179 Hull Road Woodmansey  - Erection of single storey extension to rear to replace existing conservatory, construction of dormer extension to rear including juliet balcony, installation of rooflights to front, erection of porch and replacement bay windows to front(revised scheme of 17/02362/PLF) (Ref 18/00425/PLF) - approved 

(ii) County Farm Long Lane Woodmansey - Erection of entrance gates/boundary fence to private access road, free standing pegola to reception entrance, covered freestanding ceremony area and connecting arbor between carpark and reception entranceway (Ref 18/00479/PLF) - approved 

(iii) 88A Hull Road Woodmansey - Erection of single storey dwelling with loft rooms following demolition of existing garage and workshop (Ref 18/00422/PLF) - approved 

(iv) 20 Thyme Way Beverley - Erection of single storey extensions to front and rear and conversion of existing garage to additional living accommodation (Ref 18/00688/PLF) - approved 

(v) Beverley Grammar School Queensgate Beverley - Installation of an external fire escape with associated staircase to first floor of X Block (Ref 18/00532/PLF) - approved 

(vi) 56 Canterbury Close Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to rear, construction of porch to front; conversion of existing garage into additional living accommodation and installation of roof lights to front roof slope (Ref 18/00710/PLF) - approved 

(vii)Swift Group Limited Dunswell Road Cottingham - Erection of modular building for use as canteen/office space, relocation of existing gatehouse, smoking shelter and diesel storage tank, alterations to existing access, gates and boundary wall and erection of fence with landscaping to seal existing access - approved



17. Footpath Orders - to acknowledge receipt of the following footpath orders:
      (a) Woodmansey footpath no. 19 extinguishment order
      (b) Woodmansey footpath no. 12  diversion order

20. ERVAS GDPR - to acknowledge information received by ERVAS and to confirm that the clerk is happy for her data to be made available to ERVAS. (newsletter 1.3 Mb pdf)


21. GDPR - Privacy Notices

      (a) to approve the adoption of the General Privacy Notice and for it to be published on the Council’s website (Privacy Notice)

      (b) to approve the adoption of the Privacy Notice for Staff and Councillors (Privacy Notice)

23. Play Areas
      (a) to report on progress with tree felling (oral report)

      (b) Deer Park Way - update from East Riding Council ( oral report)

      (c) To acknowledge receipt of monthly inspection reports for March and April (King St. MarchSouthwood Park March; King St. April; Southwood Park April)
24. Village signs - to report on progress and review sample signs
25. Traffic on Wingfield Way - to consider communication from parishioner on traffic problems on Wingfield Way (letter)
26. Humberside Police - to receive reports for Beverley Town and Rural for April 2018


28. Asset register - to approve the revised Asset Register (report and register)


29. Clerk salary - to approve adoption of the revised pay scales from NJC


31. Accounts and financial statement (report)
     (a) To verify bank reconciliation

     (b) To approve schedule of payments


32 Annual Accounts and Audit
     (a) To acknowledge the internal auditor report (enclosed)
     (b) To note the actions list arising from the internal auditor report 
     (c) To acknowledge the final end of year accounts report (report)


33. Annual Return Assertion - to complete and sign the Annual Return Assertion


34. Annual Governance and Accountancy Return Part 3 (see 32(c) above)
      (a) to consider and approve or otherwise Section 1 - The Annual Governance Statement

      (b) to consider and approve or otherwise Section 2 - The Accounting Statements .


36. Miscellaneous correspondence - To acknowledge receipt of listed miscellaneous correspondence and determine any actions (correspondence list)