November 21st 2016

The number to the left of the item indicates the agenda number


6.  Planning Applications: 

     (a)  To consider applications for planning permission upon which the Parish Council has been consulted:

(i)  37 Marsh Drive Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to rear following removal of existing conservatory (Ref 16/03332/PLF)

(ii) Beverley Garden Centre, Hull Road, Woodmansey - Variation of Condition 13 (approved plans - site layout) of planning permission 13/02697/PLF - Erection of a high ropes course incorporating a range of multi-level timber structures, climbing tower, giant swing, assembly building and associated car parking for Hang Loose (Beverley) ltd. Application type: Variation of Condition(s). Amended Proposals/Additional Information. (16/03148/VAR)
iii)  Beverley Garden Centre, Hull Road, Woodmansey - Erection of a covered dome for Hang Loose (Beverley) ltd - Application type: Full Planning Permission. Amended Proposals/Additional Information (Ref 16/02942/PLF)
(iv) Manor Farm 36 Thearne Lane Woodmansey - Change of use of domestic outbuildings to form 2 holiday cottages  Ref 16/02751/PLF )
(v) Manor Farm 36 Thearne Lane Woodmansey - Change of use to allow additional ten touring caravan pitches as extension of existing touring caravan site (Ref 16/02741/PLF)
(vi) Thorndyke Farm Hull Road Woodmansey - Removal of Condition 4 (bat brick, bat box) and Variation of Condition 5 (approved plans) of planning permission 16/01167/PLF (Ref 16/03524/VAR)
(vii) Land North West Of 130 Hull Road Woodmansey - Installation of 12.5m column with 3 antennas, 1 transmission dish and 3 equipment cabinets with associated ancillary works (Ref 16/03633/TELCOM)
(viii) 3 St Johns Close Beverley - Erection of attached garage to side and 2m high boundary fence (Ref 16/03482/PLF)
(ix) 36 Wingfield Way Beverley - Erection of single storey extension to side and rear following demolition of existing conservatory (Ref 16/03626/PLF)
(x)19 Chester Avenue Beverley - Erection of porch to front (Ref 16/03612/PLF)

     (b)  Decisions of the Planning Authority: To report the decisions of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

 (i) Site Of Sir Henry Cooper School Thorpepark Road  -  Display of archway sign to entrance  (Ref 16/02882/PAD)  - approved

(ii) Rose Croft 95 Hull Road Woodmansey - Outline - Residential Development (all matters reserved) (Ref 16/01933/OUT) - approved

(iii) Tattersalls 3B King Street Woodmansey - Erection of single storey extension to front (Ref 16/02450/PLF) - approved

(iv) The Springs Dunswell Lane Dunswell - Installation of 995Kw biomass boiler, accumulator tank and siting of fuel delivery container (Ref 16/03135/STPLF) - approved 

(v) 101 Willow Lodge Hull Road Woodmansey - Creation of separate vehicular access to include partial removal of boundary wall (Ref 16/03050/PLF) - approved 

(vi) Land South Of Petunia Nurseries Plaxton Bridge Road Woodmansey - Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to comprise two digester tanks, combined heat and power (CHP) containers, technical and pasteurisation buildings, substation and pumping station, transformer, glycerine tanks, centrifuge and drier (Resubmission of 15/02417/STPLF) (Ref 15/03894/STPLF) - approved 


7. Footpaths - To consider commenting on footpath orders submitted to the Parish Council

(i)    Woodmansey Footpath No. 19 - Public Path Extinguishment Order 2016 (Ref DW/75494.1)
(ii)   Woodmansey Footpath No. 12 - Public Path Diversion Order 2016 (Ref DW/75494)

8. Employment Committee - Letter from the Pensions Regulator
9. Clerk's Overtime & Backpay - SLCC National Pay Ward (Some documents confidential)
13 Trees at Southwood Park  - Tree Survey 
14 Playground Areas

     (b) Quote for Cost of Repairs

     (c) Routine Playground Inspections - Inspection Sheet 

17 Rough Sleeper Estimate - to consider completion of Rough Sleeper Estimate 2016 from East Riding Council - form

18 Desktop PC Proposal - to consider the purchase of a Desktop PC and printer/scanner for use in the Village Hall, using the Transparency Fund grant awarded for this purpose - proposal 

19. Accounts & Financial Statement

21 Litter Beverley Grammar School - to consider complaint submitted by local resident - email 

22 Keldmarsh Primary school - to consider request for financial support for cyling proficiency for year 5 pupils - email & request details

27. Miscellaneous Correspondence