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Community Support During the Coronavirus Emergency

If you are a vulnerable or elderly person who is struggling and need help during the current emergency, please be aware there is support for you -

ERYC contact Centre:  is there for anyone needing help, especially if you are self isolating - the telephone number is 01482 393919 and the centre is open from 0900 - 2100 Monday to Friday and then 0900 - 1800 on Saturday and Sunday.  There is also an email address for those wishing to contact the Council electronically - covid@eastriding.gov.uk .

Beverley Covid-19 Support Group and Woodmansey Sub-Group:  is a community facing group which was set up by Cllr Jackie Heffer and Annie Kirkman.  The Group / Sub-group are working alongside ERYC in the community.  Parish Cllr Emma Constable is heading up  the Woodmansey Sub-Group.
Contact details are  07909685505 or 
And the Facebook Groups are  



At a time we are seeing the very best in people wanting to help during the current current emergency, unfortunately there are always a very small number of people who see the emergency as an opportunity to rob and swindle.  Awareness is the best defence against these criminals and with this is mind, East Riding Council have produced the following leaflets - we would encourage everyone to read these important messages - if you are aware of elderly or vulnerable people, please also make them aware

This leaflet provides information regarding fraudsters and scammers for any groups set up during the coronavirus emergency to support vulnerable and elderly people in the community Awareness for Groups Supporting Vulnerable & Elderly People

This leaflet provides information regarding fraudsters and scammers for individuals, particularly the vulnerable and elderly Awareness for Individuals

Coronavirus and Parish Meetings (Updated May 2020)

In line with Government instructions regarding combating the coronavirus pandemic, specifically

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) 2020

further (physical) meetings of Woodmansey Parish Council are temporarily postponed.

Essential Parish Council business will carry on in accordance with emergency procedures approved by the Parish Chair, Kerri Harold and Deputy Chair Amanda Beal

These can be found here Emergency Procedures during the Coronavirus

Residents can still contact the Parish Council in the normal way, by telephone, email or via 'Contact us' on this website.

Woodmansey Parish Council hopes all residents are observing the current measures to fight Coronavirus and wishes everyone the very best during these difficult times


Woodmansey Parks (Updated May 2020)

The two parks managed by the Parish Council (King Street and Southwood) are now open for both exercise and recreation in accordance with updated Government guidelines.  However playgrounds remain closed and should not be used under any circumstances